Take It Outside California! Awards – Sequoia Riverlands Trust

In 2016 Take It Outside California!  had 30 organizations participate with over 50 events across the state. These events attracted over 6000 participants, and over 60% of those participants being first-time attendees to that organization’s events. This year we hope to have even more organizations and community members participate and enjoy the benefits of getting outside on California’s beautiful protected lands.

(Photo: Diane Hayes)

The Sequoia Riverlands Trust had an incredibly successful Take It Outside California! in 2016. The organization not only hosted three different events that weekend, but was also fresh off successfully acquiring an agricultural easement at the Grand Island Farm in Parlier, California

Sequoia Riverlands Trust (SRT) hosted a dog walk at Kaweah Oaks Preserve, A Grand Day Out at Grand Island, and a Volunteer Workday where they partnered with Americorps, also at the Kaweah Oaks Preserve.The dog walk was a great opportunity to enjoy a leisurely stroll through one of SRT’s beautiful properties and A Grand Day Out was a great opportunity for many community members to celebrate Grand Island’s newly protected agricultural lands. The volunteer workday allowed community members to work on restoration projects in one of the last remaining valley oak riparian reserves in the San Joaquin valley. One young volunteer called his participation that day “the best day ever.”

For more information see the article written after the event in the Visalia Times-Delta.



Soapy Mulholland (Executive Director of Sequoia Riverlands Trust) accepting an award for their Take It Outside California! programs at the 2017 California Land Conservation Conference.